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Rancho Grande

Located in the North East of the Island, this excursion has everything! Horse Riding, BBQ, Sangria, Live Music & Line Dancing!
Rancho Grande is the largest horse ranch on Mallorca, where you’ll enjoy a taste of “Wild West” life surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery on the island. It is vibrant in wildlife and also has a mini zoo.

Saddle up and experience the breathtaking scenery on horseback, or if you prefer, you can join the "Sangria Express" - a horse drawn wagon.
After time on the trail enjoy the Rancho barbecue with sangria (or soft drinks) as you listen to the live music. Towards the end of the evening you will even be invited to join in the line dancing with the cowboys! Be transformed into cowboys and cowgirls – whatever your age or level of riding you’ll enjoy this excursion.
This is a great evening out, set in the fantastic Mallorcan countryside.
We offer coach trips to Rancho Grande, Son Serra De Marina, so pop and see us for more details.

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